An exhibition of selected master theses and PhD dissertations will be held during the day of the conference. The participation process is as follows:

  1. Each academic department has postgraduate programs nominates one best master thesis and two best PhD dissertations during the academic year in which the symposium is being held.

  2. Each thesis/dissertation will fill in a form and send it through the department/college to the Deanship of Scientific Research and Graduate Studies. The form includes general information about the supervisor/student, attached to it an extended version of the abstract.

  3. The nominated theses/dissertations will be initially evaluated by the scientific committee based on a predefined criterion.

  4. The results of the initial evaluation will be sent to the supervisors/students through their colleges. Those who pass this phase will be invited to prepare a poster of their research work and present it in the day of the conference.

  5. The scientific committee will then evaluate the posters and decide on the best thesis and the best dissertation of the year.

  6. Note that two best master theses will be recognized; one for the scientific colleges and the other one for the humanities colleges.